In commercial real estate, the promotion that you intend to do should be specific to the products that you are selling, your relevant skills, and where you are located. When you are specific it is a lot easier for your agency to win businesses. Remember, every presentation will always be a competitive process since you will be competing against other agencies that are also looking forward to winning the same clients. This is why your presentation strategy should be of the highest quality. Here are some key tips for promoting your real estate agency.

Real Estate Agency

Use visual images; your marketing process should be as visual as possible. Have a significant amount of visual materials to use for your promotion as part of any client presentation. You can carry along copies of completed transactions, marketing alternatives and samples of other listed properties. This will make it easier for the clients to choose.

Outline your track record; since many clients will not know the history of your agency it is prudent that you outline your track record well. Ensure that the track record applies to their specific needs in the market. Show them how you have worked and overcome the challenges that they may be facing. By providing testimonials, you will be on the right track towards winning their heart.

Dwell on the results; be prepared to talk about the results when it comes to agency promotion. Clearly understand the market trends such as how rates and prices have changed over the past few years. This knowledge will help you convert listings into business since the clients will understand that you are knowledgeable about the market.

Socialize and engage as much as possible; do not settle for just the name, ensure that you give your agency a voice. Ask for reviews from your past clients and have a forum where you can be asked questions about the agency. Give them a chance to comment about the listings. This will definitely enhance your brand and give your promotion a personal approach. Besides, do not ignore the power of the social media. Socialize with the customers and let them know that you understand the current trends.

Go mobile; this is one of the best things that you can do. After opening a company website, ensure that it is mobile friendly. It should be optimized for use on the phone and other mobile gadgets so that customers can always access it wherever they go.
Be specific; when it comes to promoting your agency, ensure that the marketing process is specific. Identify the target market and the marketing solution that you need to offer it. The best thing to do about this is to be as clear as possible.


To succeed in promoting your agency, the process that you use must be relevant and specific. Take the time to package the property in the best way possible and show the client how you will handle an exclusive listing process.